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Tattly Hack #137

What a fashionable feline.

Black Cat, a new design by Leah Goren
Kitty by Josh Smith
Paper Planes by Alyssa Nassner

October Bonus

What’s sour and then sweet? A Sour Patch Kids Custom Tattly in your next online order for the month of October! Collect all six designs before they’re Sour. Sweet. Gone.

Tattlygram of the week

Toma-toes first, right Johanna?

Tomato by Julia Rothman from the Vegetable Set.

Tattly Hack #136

Hands off my tombstone!

Heart Chart by Peagreen Designs
Clouds by Bekka Palmer
Cursors by Josh Smith
Feather Jen Mussari
Bug Study by Wesley Stuckey

Hiring for Wholesale Team!

Live in Brooklyn? Like snacks? Love retail stores and want Tattly to be in all of them? Oh, good! We’re looking for someone to join The Team as Head of Wholesale. Learn more here.

Tattly at NYFW


New York Fashion Week may have ended but we’re still seeing Tattly on the well-heeled set around town. Supporters of the Brooklyn Museum wore Killer Heels proudly at the opening of the exhibition. Gold metallic designs graced the arms of Wilhelmina Models at the agency’s party. Urban Decay at the Macy’s Flagship store in Manhattan gave everyone “Beauty With an Edge”. And the exciting new shopping app Spring is sporting its custom Tattly design all over social media. Strike a pose.

Tattly Hack #135


This fancy fox is a fine fellow indeed.

Red Fox, a new design by Berkley Illustrations
Rainbow Stripe by Rusty A. Meadows
Camera 1 by Julia Rothman
Cake by Mike Lowery

Custom Spring App

Did anyone spot Tattly during New York Fashion Week? Spring looked to us to help market their app showcasing the new way to shop on your phone. 

Tattlygram of the week


Ingrid has all the confidence she needs for preschool with her Feather Tattly, thanks to her dad Kirk!

Tattly Hack #134

Party clean up crew!

Plow Truck, available in the new Traffic Set
Party Garland by Julia Rothman
Scribble by James Victore