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Tattly Hack #114

This robot just wants love.

Waving Robot, a new design by Ed Miller
Switches and Dials, a new design by Ed Miller
Reptile Bot, a new design by Ed Miller
Love Overdrive by Ed Miller


Sometimes you just have to make a robot costume for work. 

Tattly Hack #113


Looks like this guy’s doing the hacking today!

Cartolina Anchor, newly available by Fiona Richards
Haters by We Think Things
Ax and Hammer by Fiona Richards
Bot Buddies by Aimée Wilder

Tattly #112


This peacock with a mohawk rocks!

Stegosaurus Fossils, a new design by Wee Society
Peacock by Stina Persson 
Diamonds by Kate Bingaman-Burt
Boombox by Marc Johns

Egg-cellent DIY Crafts


Everyone loves to decorate eggs with dyes and with Tattly it’s no different! This is a project that is fun for all ages. Application is the same as skin: just add water.

1. Remove the plastic top from your favorite Tattly design.
2. Place the artwork on the dry egg.
3. Get the back wet and gently press for 30 seconds. We recommend using a sponge!
4. Slowly peel away the paper backing. Try peeling from the other direction if you are having trouble with the transfer.
5. Post a photo and use #tattly so we can see it on Tattlygram!

April Bonus by GE

Watt up?

It was quite the shock to see how popular this Custom GE Tattly, designed by Thomas Edision, did on their Tumblr last month. The feedback was so bright, The General Electric Co. is sponsoring a Bonus Tattly for every ordered placed in the month of April. How enlightening.

Tattly Hack #111


Silly robot! That’s not where you sit on the carousel!

Ain’t No Rules, a new design by James Victore
Psyched Robot by Steve Mack
Carousel by Lisa Congdon

Wedding Collection

We’ve curated a ring of designs so you can shop the Wedding Collection, without a hitch.

Tattly Hack #110


Time seems to slip away no matter what kind of watch you wear.

Compass by new artist Tim Boelaars
You’re Late (Black) by Julia Rothman
Red Yarn by Gemma Correll

Patina Roller Jam

Tattly Parlor Stations are a fun activity for any kind of event. One being the Patina Roller Jam, an annual event put on by Patina here in Brooklyn (more specifically, Bushwick).

Video by Ace Boothby for Tattly.com