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Tattly artists illustrating books

Because many of our artists are illustrators by profession, quite a handful have illustrated popular books. We’ve found several of them for you to check out:

Amy Blay
Being Wendy
Record a Story: My Grandma is Special

Ann Boyajian
More Spice Than Sugar
Careers for your Cat
Hello, Shoes!
O, Say Can You See?: America’s Symbols, Landmarks, and Inspiring Words

Gemma Correll
Mameshiba: On the Loose!

Helen Dardik
Who R U?

Jessica Hische
Cake Stencil Kit

Lisa Congdon
The Dictionary of Ordinary Extraordinary Animals

Mike Lowery
Ribbit Rabbit
What Can a Crane Pick Up?
Moo Hoo

Steve Mack
The Grouchies

June 4, 2012

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