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Tattly Blog

Tattly Hack #113


Looks like this guy’s doing the hacking today!

Cartolina Anchor, newly available by Fiona Richards
Haters by We Think Things
Ax and Hammer by Fiona Richards
Bot Buddies by Aimée Wilder

Tattly #112


This peacock with a mohawk rocks!

Stegosaurus Fossils, a new design by Wee Society
Peacock by Stina Persson 
Diamonds by Kate Bingaman-Burt
Boombox by Marc Johns

Tattly Hack #111


Silly robot! That’s not where you sit on the carousel!

Ain’t No Rules, a new design by James Victore
Psyched Robot by Steve Mack
Carousel by Lisa Congdon

Tattly Hack #110


Time seems to slip away no matter what kind of watch you wear.

Compass by new artist Tim Boelaars
You’re Late (Black) by Julia Rothman
Red Yarn by Gemma Correll

Tattly Hack #109


Ready to take a bite out of this heart?

Radish newly available by Julia Rothman
Classic Red Heart by Bekka Palmer
Knucks by Frank Chimero

Tattly Hack #108


Beware of these bugs!

Scarab, a new design by Mitchell Black
Green Bug by Peagreen Designs
Deer by Nic Annette Miller

Tattly Hack #107


This guy likes his antlers with a little more flourish.

It Gets Better, a new design by Patrick Cabral
Fair Bear by Helen Dardik, available in the Zoo Crew Set
Now or Never (Script) by Patrick Cabral

Tattly Hack #106


Check out this glitzy unicorn! 

Soaring Stallion, a new design by Keith Davis Young
Rainbow by Jessi Arrington
Diamonds by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Tattly Hack #105


Our new friendship bracelet really ties this guy’s outfit together.

Friendship Bracelet (Orange), a new design by Julia Rothman
Fingers Crossed by Lim Heng Swee
Bear by Nic Annette Miller

Tattly Hack #104

If you like what you see, put a Tattly on it.

Let Go (40DoD), a new design by Christoph Niemann
Little Marks by Petite Alma
Diamonds by Kate Bingaman-Burt