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Tattly Hack #132

Pencil, a new design by Peagreen Designs
Family Car by Romualdo Faura
Cursors by Josh Smith
Scooter by Petite Alma

Tattly Hack #131

Tiny Monster, a new design by Ankepanke
Tiny Cactus, a new design by Alyssa Nassner
Psyched Robot, by Steve Mack
Waving Robot, by Ed Miller

Tattly Hack #130

Make sure to wear your helmet while riding!

Earth’s Layers and Beakers by Wee Society, now available in the Science Set
Pixel Bike by United Pixelworkers
CMYK by Tina Roth Eisenberg
Le Phant Elephant by Greg Pizzoli

Tattly Hack #129


Looks like this little sorceress is ready to fly!

Hawk Feather, a new design by Jen Mussari
Trio Dolls by Jennifer Vallez
Red Yarn by Gemma Correll
Traffic Cones by Ed Miller

Tattly Hack #128

This guy’s been waiting a long time for this pizza.

Pizza Slice by Julia Rothman, available in the new New York Set
Eep by Ankepanke
Psyched Robot by Steve Mack

Tattly Hack #127


All hail the Sun King!

Gold Floral, our very first gold foil Tattly! Designed by Rifle Paper Co.
Bear by Nic Annette Miller
Sun by Blanca Gómez
Rainbow Stripe by Rusty Meadows

Tattly Hack #126

Cheers to three wonderful years!

Candles by Julia Rothman, available in the Party Set
Fine Porcupine by Helen Dardik, available in the Zoo Crew Set
Haters by These Are Things
Fisticuffs by Mitchell Black

Tattly Hack #125


Iceberg! Straight ahead!

Hammerhead Ship by Greg Pizzoli
Nodes by Frank Chimero
Tether by Aimée Wilder
Ahoy by Mike Lowery

Tattly Hack #124

Now that’s a scarf for a patriot.

Freckles by Floor 4 Projects
Flags and Eagles by Oliver Jeffers
Fair Bear by Helen Dardik, available in the Zoo Crew Set

Tattly Hack #123

Time to build a campfire from scratch!

Pine Tree by Fiona Richards, now available in the Camping Set
Fisticuffs by Matt(H)Booth
Ax and Hammer by Fiona Richards