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Words to live by #7


It’s just how we like it too, from Louise Fili’s interview on The Great Discontent. 

Words to live by #6

Agreed, Mike. From a Creative Mornings talk he gave on May 11, 2012.

Words to live by #5

our mistake was the same as that of the creative person who places too much focus on How to create her work, while ignoring Why she is creating it... asking Why unearths a purpose and developes a point of view. We need to do more than hit the right note.

Well said, Frank. Taken from his new book The Shape of Design available now.

Words to live by #4

There's something thrilling about working in complete darkness at 5am, like I'm fighting crime...even though I'm just kerning

Jennifer Daniel on fighting crime (or kerning).

Words to live by #3

I think the biggest design project anyone can have is their own life

Jessi was dropping truth bombs throughout lunch yesterday, this one resonated with us the most.

Words to live by #2

I realized I really love drawing and illustrating more than I love working on the web

We are thrilled to welcome Kyle Steed to the Tattly contributor family. We love his attitude about drawing. He’s got a great interview over on The Great Discontent, so check it out and then take a peek at his Road Trip Tattly.

Words to live by #1

I think when you're doing something you love in the world every dayif you get up and you're excited about what you do, it's good for everyone

Well Lisa, we totally agree with you.

/ via The Great Discontent

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