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A few more eggs!

Friends of Tattly Sarah and Carly decorated Easter eggs last weekend and these gems showed up on Instagram. The chicken and the egg? Brilliant!

Tattlys stick to eggs quite well. Just follow the regular application instructions to decorate your own eggs with Tattly.

Unconventional Tattly #6

Terry from HenCam, lover of all things chicken and eggs has created these beautiful Tattly-ed eggs for decoration (or Easter!).

She used Butterfly 2, which is a perfect size for tattooing eggs, and we might also suggest: Rooster, Robot, or Yay Burst.

Unconventional Tattly #5



What do you get when you combine Tattly and buttons? Amazing buttons with cool art! Button Lovers has come up with this brilliant DIY for sprucing up some wood buttons using Tattly.

Tattly as nail art

Check out this trick! Carly cut up the Colorburst and applied it to her nails, then added a clear coat to seal the Tattlys on. How cool is that? We hope to see more Tattly nail art Instagrams soon!

Can you spot the Tattly?

Contributor Jennifer Ward just sent over this photo of her daughter using some Tattlys in an unconventional way. Can you spot the them?

She even customized the front with her name. Now, no one else at the park will mistake her scooter for theirs.

Finish it off with a layer of varnish to keep the Tattlys from rubbing off.

Unconventional Tattly #4

Tattly lover, Christie, came up with the clever idea to put Tattly on her notebooks to spice them up. What an easy way to add a personal touch to plain notebooks. We are filing this one away in back-to-school crafts.

Unconventional Tattly #3

This DIY by Charlotte Walker totally blew our minds. Who would have thought to put Tattly on a jar and make a vase out of it? Now Charlotte has cool vases with art by Marc Johns and James Victore.

Do you have a cool idea for unconventional Tattly uses? Tell us on Twitter!

Unconventional Tattly #2

Eggs! Check out how we are going to decorate our Easter eggs this year. We decided to try out some Tattlys on regular hard-boiled eggs and they turned out great.

Who says you can only decorate eggs for Easter? We are thinking of adding a few Menagerie members just for the heck of it.

Thanks to Aimee for the tip!

Tattlys pictured: Pattern Band, Nerdy Bunny, Freckles, Good Bunny

Unconventional Tattly #1

Tattly makes a guest appearance at CrossFit South Brooklyn, the place where team member Bekka gets arms like this

Did you know Tattly can be applied on surfaces other than just skin? Stay tuned for more unconventional uses.