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The Ovenly cookbook is out and our kitchens may never be the same. We at Tattly know our snacks. Trust us, you’ll be impressed by the deliciousness concocted by this local bakery from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Now, how do we make this custom Tattly edible?

Tattlygram of the week

Bezier Girl by Jessica Hische
Photo by Brittany Boudeaux

Tattly Hack #139


How did the stegosaurus cross the water?

He used his dino’s oar!

Stegosaurus, a new design by Peagreen Designs
Ship by Mike Lowery
Canoe available in the Camping Set

Tattlygram of the week

Irene knows all about Time Enjoyed Wasting is Not Wasted.

Hack #138


Our Tattly seeds are sprouting!

Spooky Spider by Wee Society
Radish by Julia Rothman
Pattern Band by Marian Bantjes

Pen & Ink Book Launch


All tattoos tell a story. Tattly knows a thing or two about that. So do illustrator Wendy MacNaughton and Buzzfeed editor Isaac Fitzgerald, collaborators behind the new book Pen & Ink: Tattoos & the Stories Behind Them. This custom Tattly by Wendy will be available to event-goers at the book release parties. The first book release event is in New York tomorrow night at Housing Works. Come hear some stories and get inked by Tattly!

Pretending is Fun

Happy Tattlyween! Dress up in your favorite Tattlys and as always, have a lot of fun. Get 31 Tattly Halloween Costume ideas!

Tattly Hack #137

What a fashionable feline.

Black Cat, a new design by Leah Goren
Kitty by Josh Smith
Paper Planes by Alyssa Nassner

October Bonus

What’s sour and then sweet? A Sour Patch Kids Custom Tattly in your next online order for the month of October! Collect all six designs before they’re Sour. Sweet. Gone.

Tattlygram of the week

Toma-toes first, right Johanna?

Tomato by Julia Rothman from the Vegetable Set.